CS520 Web Programming

Fall 2006

Lectures T 6:10pm - 10:00pm
E&T A127
Chengyu Sun, csun@calstatela.edu
Office Hours
MTW 4-6pm, in E&T A317

  • 11/28 - The Final Project Demos will be from 7:30PM to 9:00PM on Tuesday, December 5 in E&T A127.
  • 10/23 - The basic features of the project are due on Tuesday, November 14. Please upload your project to CSNS in a zip or gzip file, and prepare a 5-10 minutes demo in class.
  • 10/22 - The Midterm Presentations will be from 6:10PM to 10:00PM on Tuesday, November 7 in E&T A317 A127.
Lecture Notes Projects
Additional Course Materials
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