Access Code Samples
CS520, Fall 2006

The code samples discussed during the lectures through are available through Subversion, an Open Source version control system designed to be the successor of CVS.

[Sample Code]

Examples Subversion URL
Items (JSP version) svn://
Items (MVC version) svn://
Hibernate Examples svn://
Spring Examples svn://
Lucene Examples svn://
Web Service Client Examples svn://
Evelyn Sample Project svn://
CSNS Sample Project svn://

[Common Commands]

You may log on to the CS3 server and use following commands to retrieve the code from the repository and to monitor code changes:

svn checkout <url> <local_directory> Check out a copy of version controlled code into a local directory
svn export <url> <local_directory> Check out a clean copy of the code into a local directory
svn status Check to see if there are any local changes
svn status -u Check to see if there are any changes made to the repository copy

For more information, please check out the book Version Control with Subversion by Ben Collins-Sussman, Brian W. Fitzpatrick, and C. Michael Pilato, which is available for free at