CS520 Sample Projects

Evelyn Digital Library

Evelyn Digital Library is a research paper repository. Unlike similar repositories such ACM Digital Library and IEEE Computer.org, the archiving, categorizing, rating, and reviewing of the papers in Evelyn are performed by users. In particular,

With involvement from the users, Evelyn can be much more effective than traditional online paper repositories and indexes. For instance, with tags, ratings, and reviews, it would be a lot easier to find high quality papers on a specific topic. User behaviors and input also open up the possibilities for various analysis, such as identifying hot research areas and forecasting research trends. Furthermore, Evelyn Digital Library will provide a number of services and features, such as

A test setup of Evelyn is available at http://cs3.calstatela.edu:4050/evelyn, and the source code can be accessed through Subversion at svn://cs3.calstatela.edu/evelyn/trunk.

CS Network Services (CSNS)

CSNS is planned to provide a number of services to support the teaching, learning, and assessment processes here at the Computer Science Department. Current only the course assignment service is implemented, which allows the instructors to create, edit, and grade course assignments, and the students to submit their work and receive their grades.

CSNS was originally designed and implemented by Chris Orona, a student who took CS520 in Fall 2005, and the site has been in operation for more than nine months. A test setup of CSNS is available at http://cs3.calstatela.edu:4050/csns, and the source code can be accessed through Subversion at svn://cs3.calstatela.edu/csns/trunk.