Class Project
CS520, Fall 2006

The project is a group project, and each group should consist of three to five students. You may choose one of the following projects, and note that each project has its own requirements.


1. CSNS - Admin Interface

This project will implement some administration functionalities for CSNS. The basic features include

The advanced features include

2. CSNS - Survey Module

This project will implement a survey module for CSNS. For basic features, implement a survey builder that allows an administrator user to create a survey that consists of the following types of questions:

For advanced features, let the users take the created surveys and collect the results.

3. CSNS - Forum Module

This project will implement a forum module for CSNS. The forum module should have most of the functionalities provided by a standalone forum application like phpBB, as well as some CSNS-specific features. In particular, the basic features include:

and for advanced features include one or two of the following::

4. Choose Your Own Project

You may choose your own project, using any programming language and software/hardware platform you are familiar with, as long as the project implements all the basic features listed below:

as well as two to three advanced features such as:



Project Milestones
Date Grade
Project description Oct 3, 2005 10%
Basic features completed November 14 50%
Advanced features completed December 3 30%
Project presentation 10%
Individual Performance Factor
x0.5 to x1.0