CS491A Software Design Lab

Summer 2007

Lectures MW 3:30pm - 6:00pm
E&T A331
Chengyu Sun, csun@calstatela.edu
Office Hours
M 1:30-3:30pm and TR 2-4pm, or by appointment, in E&T A317

  • 8/5 - Please check out the project presentation schedule.
  • 7/15 - Please check out the individual meeting schedules for Week 6, 7, 8, and 9. You need to demo your project at the individual meetings so please prepare in advance.
  • 6/25 - After you complete your presentation, please upload your presentation slides to CSNS.
  • 6/17 - If you need an account on the CS3 server, please email me at csun@calstatela.edu.
Lecture Notes
Administrative Issues
Course Overview (ppt) (pdf)

2 Effective Presentation (ppt) (pdf)

3 An Introduction to Mosaic Algorithm (ppt)
Database Replication over Patitionable Netoworks (ppt)
Software Design Patterns (ppt)
Version Control & Internationalization (ppt)
Steven Emory
Ashok Sahu
Madhavi Yellavalli
Smbat Bagdassarian
4 Project Management (ppt)
Small-World Networks (pdf)
Flash 8 and ActionScript (ppt)
Celia Torres
Carlos Estebes
Ramon Hernandez
5 The java.net.URL Class (ppt)
Introduction to Teradata (ppt)
Introduction to Shading (ppt)
Gavin Claypool
Kanaka Rajanala
Rone Lim
6 Writing Project Report (ppt) (pdf)
Introduction to Plugins, Firefox Web Browser, XUL (ppt)
Ajax Programming (ppt)
Genetic Programming (ppt)
Miscorsoft IIS 6.0 (ppt)

Edmond Kong
Cuong Tham
Nick Tolentino
Anthony Ta
7 SSL/TLS (ppt)
Database Design Using Oracle Designer (ppt)
Extreme Programming (ppt)
Java Media Framework (ppt)
An Introduction to SOA from a Java Developer Perspective (ppt)
Raza Abbas
Shabana Hoque
Ankur Bansal
Prashant Salunke
Nagamallika Manumachu
8 Python (ppt)
Building a Package in the DTS Designer (ppt)
Cryptography (ppt)
CodeFusion Programming (ppt)
Internet Security (ppt)
Rubic Christian
Huijie Cui
Pratik Shah
Hung Trinh
Henry Nguyen
9 Windows CE Development (ppt)
Time with Java and JavaScript (ppt)
AI Design for the Battleship Game (ppt)
Simple DirectMedia Layer (ppt)
Open Source Software XOOPS (ppt)
Kunhan Kim
Michael Dahl
Zhonghui Li
Hong Ngo
Yoshinori Iketani
Project Presentations
Project Presentations