CS491B Software Design Lab

Spring 2008

Lab F 10:00am - 5:00pm
E&T A331
Chengyu Sun, csun@calstatela.edu
Office Hours
M 2-4pm and WF 3-5pm, or by appointment, in E&T A317

Lecture Notes
1 Administrative Issues
Effective Presentation (ppt) (pdf)
Project Evaluation

2 JNI - Java Native Interface (pdf)
3D Virtual Reality of CSULA (ppt)
Web 2.0 (ppt)
Roessle, Ian
Lau, Quan
Nidamarthy, Madhavi
3 Key Points in Mathematica (ppt)
The Power of Online Information (ppt)
Unified Modeling Language (ppt)
Introduction to PHP (ppt)
Maeva, Oksana
Nguyen, Henry
Salunke, Prashant
Lee, Yuet
4 Android (ppt)
Database Optimization (ppt)
Eclipse Plug-Ins (ppt)
Wireless and Cellular Networks (ppt)
Ma, Linghai
Wong, Marcella
Isaji, Hideyo
Shah, Pratik
5 Lucene (ppt)
Scenegraphs (ppt)
Java Reflection and Invocation (ppt)
Chansamorn, Kanokwan
Ceballos, Sassja-Fe
Berney, Jonathan
6 Writing Project Report (ppt) (pdf)
Midterm Demos

7 An Introduction to Emulation (ppt)
Hooking (ppt)
Facebook Platform (ppt)
Perreault, Spencer
Chang Chien, Peiling
Liu, Dong
8 Project Report Draft
AJAX (ppt)
Blackberry GPS and Maps (ppt)
Adobe Flash (ppt)
Linking to WEKA from Netbeans (ppt)

Aditya, Jamwal
Wong, PangChi
Yao, Shiusen
Lurye, Evelina
9 Snooping for Fun and Profit Credit (ppt)
Introduction to ASP.NET (ppt)
WebLogic Server Clustering (ppt)
Claypool, Gavin
Hovhanessian, Robert
Pumsawai, Praweena
10 Project Presentations
Project Presentations