Homework 2
CS320, Spring 2004

Due: Monday, April 12

Please upload your html files to your home directory on the server cs.calstatela.edu (more details about the server and how to upload your work can be found here), and send the URL to your start.html files, presumably http://cs.calstatela.edu:8280/username/start.html, to csun@calstatela.edu. Make sure to use CS320 Spring 04 HW2 as the subject of the email, and include in the email your name so I don't have to guess names from email addresses.

1. [Dynamic Content] (20pt) Modify the start.html you created in Homework 1 as follows:
2. [Form Validation] (30pt) Create a verify.html file which processes the user input from start.html. If the user input is not valid, pop up an error message which clearly explains which input field(s) is wrong and why, then return to start.html. If the user input is valid, display the information submitted, for example
Category: CPU
Attribute: Frequency
Category: CPU
Attribute: Brand
Search string: Intel

For the first form, the user input is not valid if:
For the second form, the user input is invalid if the "New User" radio button is selected, and