Server Access

CS320, Spring 2004

The server we will be using for this class is, which has JDK, Tomcat, and MySQL installed. Thirty student account have been created, with user names student1, student2, student3, ..., student30. Each account also comes with a MySQL account, with the same user name and password. Students registered for the class will be assigned one of the accounts during the first class meeting.

The server supports SSH. To access the server and upload your work, it is recommended that you download the non-commercial version of SSH Secure Shell for Workstations from This is the same SSH software installed on the lab machines, and it includes both a Secure Shell client which can be used to log on to the server, and a Secure File Transfer client which can be used to upload your work.

To access the Tomcat server, use the URL (replace "username" with the login name of your account).