Homework 1
CS320, Spring 2004

Due: Monday, April 5

Please upload your html file to your home directory on the server cs.calstatela.edu (more details about the server and how to upload your work can be found here), and send the URL to your html file, presumably http://cs.calstatela.edu:8280/username/start.html, to cysun@cs.ucsb.edu. Make sure to use CS320 Spring 04 HW1 as the subject of the email, and include in the email your name and student ID number, so I don't have to guess names from email addresses.

This assignment is the first part of our class project, in which you will implement an online retail system.

1. [General Design] First of all, pick a product you want to sell through your online retail system. The product could be books, computer, cars, real estates, or anything else. However, to make things more interesting, the product you pick must satisfy the following requirements:
For example, I may choose the product to be computer components, with the following categories and attributes:

ProductID, Brand, Frequency, Price
ProductID, Brand, Chipset, Description, Price
Hard Drive
ProductID, Brand, Size, RPM, InterfaceType, Price

2. [User Input] (30pt) Based on Exercise 1, create a start.html file which include two forms. The first form include the following:
In the second form, include the following:
For this assignment, you may leave out the ACTION and METHOD attributes for both forms.