CS491B Software Design Lab

Fall 2008

Lab F 10:00am - 5:00pm
E&T A331
Chengyu Sun, csun@calstatela.edu
Office Hours
M 2-4pm and WF 3-5pm, or by appointment, in E&T A317

  • 9/18 - If you did not take CS491A in the summer, please check out the CS491A course material, especially the lecture notes on presentation and project report.
Lecture Notes
0 Administrative Issues

1 Mathematics on the Web - MathML (ppt)
Path Finding (ppt)
Michael Dahl
Michael Allen
2 ASP.NET Dynamic Data (ppt)
Quality Control / Risk Management (ppt)
Ruddy Santos
Deepak Kumar
3 Remote Control (ppt)
Microsoft Silverlight (ppt)
Roice Allred
Wayne Wong
4 JavaMail API (ppt)
Robot Class in Java (ppt)
Gaurang Jadia
Guanhua Xie
Anuj Nagar
5 MySQL Stored Functions (ppt)
Flex and AMF (pdf)
Jesus Fabian
Winrich Peralta
6 Midterm Demos
7 Lua (ppt)
Groovy: Java's New Scripting Language (ppt)
Hong Ngo
Milad Khalil
8 Prototype & Scriptaculous (ppt)
Building an AJAX Application (ppt)
What is BeanShell? (ppt)
New Microsoft Operating System (ppt)
Introduction to Scala (ppt)
Maria Colon
Jorge Medina
Emmanuel Sotelo
Thet Naing
Ramandeep Singh
9 Project Presentations
10 Thanksgiving Holidays
11 Project Presentations