CS320 Web and Internet Programming

Fall 2005

Lectures TR 11:40am - 1:20pm
E&T A210
Chengyu Sun, csun@calstatela.edu
Office Hours
MW 4-6pm and TR 10-11:30am, or by appointment, in E&T A317

  • 11/28 - FINAL will be from 10:45am to 1:15pm 12:45pm on Tuesday, December 6 in E&T A210.
  • 10/31 - The due date of Homework 3 is extended to 8pm on Monday, October 31.
  • 10/27 - MIDTERM will be from 11:40am to 1:20pm on Thursday, November 3 in E&T A210.
  • 10/17 - The due date of Homework 2 is extended to Thursday, October 20.
  • 10/10 - The campus email filter has been actively blocking email attachments sent to me (while letting all kinds of spam get through as usual). So for late homework submissions, please use the "Late Homework" link on the turnin server instead of sending me the files by email. Also note that late submissions generally receive 10%-20% credit penalty, and may not be accepted at all if it is too late.
Lecture Notes Assignments
Additional Course Materials