Homework 1
CS320, Fall 2005

Due: Thursday, October 6

Please upload your files using the online turnin server. The files should include all the source code, documentation, and an HTML file hw1.html, which contains a link to your servlet on the CS server. Note that file uploading will be disabled automatically after 11:59PM of the due date, so please turn in your work on time.

[Online Bookmark Manager]

For this assignment, you are going to write a servlet that implements an online bookmark manager, which sort of like del.icio.us. An online bookmark manager manages bookmarks for a number of users. Each user has their own home page, where they can add, delete, and edit bookmarks, and organize the bookmarks in some folders. In particular,
Folders Bookmarks
Name Description Added Operations
CS320 Fall'05 Home page of the class. Lecture notes and code samples. 09/27/2005 Edit Delete
Slashdot.org News for nerds. Stuff that doesn't really matter. 09/28/2005 Edit Delete

For this assignment, you need to have at least two users (with cysun being one of them). If the servlet is requested with an invalid user, simply displays the welcome message again.