Lab 1. MySQL and Single-Table Selections
CS122, Summer 2007

1. Read Appendix A. The Lyric Music Database in the textbook.

2. (2pt) Create the tables of Lyric Music in your MySQL database on the CS3 server using LyricMySQL.sql.

3. (20pt) Complete the following queries in SQL, and put them in a script file lab1.sql. Please test the queries using your Lyric Music database and make sure they work correctly. If a query can't be executed due to syntax errors, you will lose at least half of the credit for the query, not matter how "close" the query seems to be correct  this rule applies to all assignments and exams in this course.

4. (3pt) Upload lab1.sql to CSNS. Note that file uploading will be disabled automatically after 11:30am, and late submission will not be accepted.