CS491A Project Report Requirements

[Draft Version 1] Due: Friday, August 11

Please turn in a hard copy at the class and upload an electronic copy through CSNS. The electronic copy must be in PDF or MS Word format.

The project report should follow the general format we discussed in class. At this stage your implementation may not be complete, but you should be able to write, in details, about the motivation and significance of the your project, the technologies used and/or the related work in the field, the overall architecture and design, and the problems encountered and the solutions developed during your implementation so far.

The report must meet the following requirements:

[Draft Version 2] Due: Friday, August 25

Please upload an electronic copy through CSNS, and do not turn in hard copies.

By the end of Week 9 you will receive my comments about your first draft. Your second draft should address the problems pointed out in my comments. Other requirements are the same as the first draft.