Lab Assignment 4
CS202, Summer 2004

1.(10pt) Create a new directory D:\Data\FileTest, and under this directory, create a few more files and sub-directories for testing. In particular, you need to create at least two sub-directories, at least three files, and one of those three files must have the .txt extension.

Write a Java application which uses the File class to do the following:
2.(10pt) 11.23 (b). And a few things about this problem:
Once you have your program ready, try it with file1.txt, file2.txt, file3.txt, and see if you can decided whether they are written by the author. These files are downloaded from Project Gutenberg, which provides free e-texts of literary works in public domain. To make things a little more interesting, I've replaced the author names in the files with *****.

3.(5pt) [Lab Manual]  Chapter 15. Lab Exercise 1 (p445-449, including Follow-up Question and Activity).
4.(5pt) [Lab Manual]  Chapter 15. Lab Exercise 2 (p451-452)