Lab Assignment 3
CS202, Summer 2004

1.(5pt) Come up with an example to show the default access modifier (e.g. when no access modifier is specified) is not protected either.

2.(5pt) Implement a class CDAccount which inherits from Account. A CD account has the restriction that a transaction (deposit, withdraw, or transfer) can only occur during the one week grace period after an account matures. For simplicity, we assume that all CD accounts have the same 30-day term, e.g. if a client creates a CD account on day 20, he or she can only make a transaction during day 51 to 57, 81 to 87, 111 to 117 and so on. Also for this exercise, you do not need to implement the transfer method.

3.(10pt)  [Lab Manual] Chapter 9. Lab Exercise 1 (p287-291, including Follow-up Question and Activity)