Homework 1
CS520, Spring 2012

Due: Friday, April 13


[Account] Send an email to csun@calstatela.edu and ask for account information on the CS3 server. You have to be already enrolled in the class in order to get an account. Note that the account includes a Subversion repository, and a copy of the CSNS2 source code is already imported into the repository for you.

[Development Environment] Check out the CSNS2 source code from your Subversion repository, and set up your development environment as described in the class notes. If you have any questions, post them in the class forum. To avoid confusion, in the assignment descriptions I'll use CSNS2 (i.e. without hyperlink) to refer to the project, and CSNS (i.e. with hyperlink) to refer to the server where you submit your work.

[CSNS] (15pt) Modify the JSP file src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/pages/instructor/viewSections.jsp to add to a hyperlink to each section title (shown in the image below). The hyperlink should take the user to the URL http://<host>/csns2/sites/<quarter>/<course>/<section>/, e.g. http://localhost:8080/csns2/sites/fall2010/cs320/section1/.



[Maven] (5pt)

To submit your code, run mvn package (or the equivalent in Eclipse), which will package your project into a zip file csns2-src.zip. You can find the file under the target folder of your project directory.  Please upload the zip file to CSNS. Note that the size of the zip file should be around 410K, and if yours is much larger than that, you are doing something wrong (and most likely it's because you have some files under the project directory that do not belong there).

[Subversion] (10pt)

1. After you complete the previous two exercises, commit the changes you've made to your Subversion repository, then create a tag called cs520-hw1.

2. Which of the following files should be version controlled? And why?

Please put your answers to these questions in a file hw1.txt and submit it to CSNS.