Homework 1
CS520, Spring 2007

Due: Thursday, April 3


[Account] Send an email to csun@calstatela.edu and ask for account information on the CS3 server. You have to be already enrolled in the class in order to get an account. Note that the account includes a Subversion repository, and a copy of the CSNS source code is already imported into the repository for you.

[Development Environment] Check out the CSNS source code from your Subversion repository, and setup your development environment. Refer to the class notes, but you don't have to follow them exactly, e.g. if you prefer NetBeans over Eclipse. If you have any questions, post them in the class forum. To avoid confusion, in the assignment descriptions I'll use CSNS (i.e. without hyperlink) to refer to the project, and CSNS (i.e. with hyperlink) to refer to the server where you submit your work.

[Subversion] (5pt)  Before you commit any changes to your Subversion repository, create a tag called version-1.0.

[CSNS] (15pt) Modify the CSNS code to add a Finish button to the Enroll Students page as shown below. Clicking on this button should take the user to the View Students page where the list of enrolled students is shown.

[Enroll Students Page]

After you are done, commit your changes to your Subversion repository, and create a tag called cs520-hw1.


[Ant] (10pt) Modify build.xml of CSNS to create a new target called zip. This target should create a zip file csns.zip which contains all the source files in CSNS except build.properties. More specifically, "source files" means source code, configurations files, build file, web pages and images etc.; it does not include any class files, jar files, files created during the build process (e.g. files under /build or /dist), files used for version control (e.g. files under /.svn), or whatever addtional files you put under the project directory (e.g. log files). The size of the zip file should be around 200KB, and if yours is larger than that, you are doing something wrong. To receive full credit for this problem, also make sure this target is repeatable, i.e. you shouldn't see any error when you run "ant zip" multiple times.

Once you are done, submit the csns.zip file created by this target to CSNS.