Final Presentations
CS520, Spring 2007

Wednesday, June 6

Please upload your final presentation slides to CSNS. One submission from each group is sufficient. Note that file uploading will be disabled automatically after 11:59PM of the due date, so please turn in your work on time.

Final presentations will be group presentations, and each group should consist of two to four students. Each group must choose to present one of the papers listed in the Papers section. Each group member must present at least 10 minutes, and each presentation must be at least 30 minutes and no more than 45 minutes. Please let me know what paper you choose by Wednesday, May 23. Paper selection is first-come-first-serve.

Your presentation should cover the following aspects of the paper you selected:

And here are some of the things I'll look for in each presenter:

Total points for the final presentation is 20, half of which is for the presentation as a whole, and the other half is for individual performance.


Wednesday May 30, after lecture

1. Anuj, Bharat, Nidhi, and Sumathie - Mining Patterns of Events in Students' Teamwork Data, by Judy Kay, Nicolas Maisonneuve, Kalina Yacef, and Osmar R. Zaiane.

7:30PM - 10PM, Wednesday, June 6

2. Dan, Gail, Joan, and Tristan -  SCORM - specification, examples, tools and resources, and SCORM-compliance of leading LMS (in particular, .LRN, ATutor, Moodle, and WebCT).
3. Chang-yin, Chao, and Yvon - Homepage Live: Automatic Block Tracing for Web Personalization, by Jie Han, Dingyi Han, Chenxi Lin, Hua-Jun Zeng, Zheng Chen, and Yong Yu.
4. Cheralyn, Kelly, and Nick - The Complex Dynamics of Collaborative Tagging, by Harry Halpin, Valentin Robu, and Hana Shepherd.


1. Google News Personalization: Scalable Online Collaborative Filtering, by Abhinandan Das, Mayur Datar, Ashutosh Garg, and Shyam Rajaram.
2. YARS2: A Federated Repository for Searching and Querying Graph Structured Data, by Andreas Harth, Jurgen Umbrich, Aidan Hogan, and Stefan Decker.
3. Using Mixed-Effects Modeling to Compare Different Grain-Sized Skill Models, by Mingyu Feng, Neil Heffernan, Murali Mani, and Cristina Heffernan.