Homework 4
CS320, Spring 2004

Due: Wednesday May 26

Please upload your JSP files and related .class or .jar files to the cs.calstatela.edu server. The JSP files should be placed under ~/public_html, .class files under ~/public_html/WEB-INF/classes, and .jar files under ~/public_html/WEB-INF/lib. Send the URL to the starting JSP page, presumably http://cs.calstatela.edu:8280/~username/Search.jsp, to csun@calstatela.edu. Please also include all source code (.java, .tld, and .jsp files) in the email as attachments. Make sure to use CS320 Spring 04 HW4 as the subject of the email, and include in the email your name so I don't have to guess names from email addresses.

1. [JSP] Convert the servlet implemented in the last assignment into three JSP pages, one for search and browse, one for display, and one for the shopping cart. Instead of text files, use your MySQL database on cs.calstatela.edu to store the product information.
To receive full credit for search and browse, you must use the search capabilites of the database rather than doing substring matching in Java code.

2. [Style] JSP pages filled with scripting elements (JSP expressions, scriplets, and declarations) are hard to maintain, aesthetically unpleasing, and go against the spirit of JSP to seperate processing and presentation. To encourage the use of beans and tag libraries, we will award style points to the JSP implementations as follows: