Homework 3
CS201, Spring 2004

Due: 10AM, Friday, April 23

Please email your solutions to csun@calstatela.edu, and make sure to use CS201 Spring 04 HW3 as the subject of the email. The email should include your name, answers to Ex. 1 and 2, and the .java files for Ex. 3, 4 and 5 as attachments. I will check email timestamps, and late homework will not be accepted.

1. (12pt) Exercise 4.9 [D&D]. You do not have to explain where the errors are. Just show the corrected code.

2. (16pt) Exercise 4.21 [D&D]

3. (15pt)  Exercise 4.16 [D&D]

4. (20pt) Excercise 4.32(b) [D&D].

5. (30pt) Exercise 4.24 [D&D]. Note that the only type of error input you need to handle are numbers that are not five digits long. However, a user may give the wrong number repeatedly.